The 4 Most Popular School Psychology Dissertation Topics

A dissertation in psychology must contribute to the already existing body of research on a particular subject. A student will need to demonstrate a good understanding of the subject through effectively reviewing and critiquing literature that has already been written. The majority of students have difficulties when it comes to choosing a dissertation topic and that’s because there are so many to choose from that it can be hard to make up your mind. However, there are some subjects that have been so over studied that they should be avoided. According to here are the student dissertations you should stay away from.

  1. Cognitive behaviour: Yes, we all know that psychology is the study of the human mind; however, so many students opt to conduct their research on this subject because it has been studied so much that there is an avalanche of research available making it difficult to come up with anything that is even remotely new.
  2. Developmental psychology: This topic is an investigation of how the behaviour of children develops over time. Once again, it has been studied so much that there is no longer any original research. The findings of any studies tend to be exactly the same repeating what has already been said a thousand times over. To a psychology expert, this type of dissertation makes for a very boring read.
  3. Social psychology: This is the study of human interaction and how different social group interact. Unless a new breed of human being magically appears on the planet there is nothing else that can be researched in this area. All groups have been studied and evaluated with the same conclusions being drawn year after year.
  4. Evolutionary psychology: This is the study of how human beings have inherited certain psychological traits from our ancestors which is why we behave the way we do today. This is a topic that has been studied over many years and there really isn’t that much evolving we could have done within the last year or so. Psychologists should stop studying evolutionary psychology for another hundred years and maybe the results and actually give the human race the chance to evolve and then the results might be different.

These are the subjects that you should steer clear of when choosing a topic for your psychology dissertation. Good luck in finding something interesting to write about.