Dissertation topics on fake news

With fake news, there is deliberate public misinformation of and spreading of hoaxes to ruin people's reputation, the reputation of agencies, organizations, and many more for purposes of financial or political gains. The massive spread of fake news stimulates the increase of the reading audiences. Let us explore some of the dissertation topics based on fake news.

  • The link between advertising revenue and fake news 

Fake news can be spread or made for various purposes. It is also crucial to comprehend that fake news helps to achieve believability in advertising campaigns. With the rise of fake news, multiple platforms and organizations ensure that strategic ways are set to curb possibilities of such. Therefore, it is worth enough to survey the link between fake news and advertisements.    

  • Examining the link between social media and fake news 

It is arguably true that people have seen a rise in the spread of fake news, more so in the age of social media platforms. Usually, social media is one of the key platforms for distributing information. However, there has been a trend in how social media is being used for bolstering claims through fake news. Generally, there are claims that news has a more significant potential of impacting social media in both positive and negative ways.

  • Does fake news play a role in the increase of Islamic extremism? 

There are higher chances that social media platforms have played a critical role in enabling youths' recruitment into Islamic extremists. However, fake news can also contribute to manipulating the claims of the recruitment of youth into Islamic extremism.  

  • The source and development of fake news 

Fake news is not an issue that has started recently. It started a long time ago through media outlets as a way of impacting public perceptions. In the 19th century, fake news first spread through printable means. Research on this topic helps us to understand the historical background of fake news until the present.  

  • The public perception of fake news 

The topic majorly focuses on the public view about fake news. The general opinions had undergone influence through fake news.

  • The link between fake news and China's Internet Censorship

During the presidential election in 2016 in the US, it is believed that fake news was generated and distributed to China. Later on, the government of China used the news as a way of adjusting internet censorship. Furthermore, the incident enhanced the need for people reporting cases they suspected to be fake news. The two are related and can serve as the best way of venturing a topical view of it in dissertations.

  • The view of fake news as damaging democracy 

Fake news advances political grounds or brings a political figure to the limelight. Also, fake news can be used to ruin the reputation of specific political figures. As a result, there can be a link between the two, as doing so can impact democracy in one way or another.


Fake news is amongst the most exciting topics a student can research a range of ideas. Therefore, you can have an easier time researching topics under the field and writing the best dissertation topics.