Inspiring sources to come up with fresh dissertation title ideas

If you are getting ready to write your dissertation you are going to need a topic to write about. The majority of student’s state that they actually find choosing the topic more difficult than writing the actual dissertation. The reason why students find it so challenging is that there is so much information out there that making a choice becomes almost impossible. Some good advice when it comes to selecting dissertation titles is to choose something that you are interested in, stay away from following the crowd or writing something that is trending and popular. If you are interested in how to get blood out of a stone then that is what you should write about! Not literally, but I am sure you get my point, when you write about something that you are passionate about you put energy into it that is transferred to the reader and it will excite and engage them. If you have not yet made up your mind about what you are going to write about, here are some example dissertation titles for you to consider.

  1. What were the main reasons behind the Crimean war?
  2. Examine and evaluate the policy imposed by the French during the Crimean war.
  3. Why are human resources departments so undervalued in today’s business world?
  4. What are the expectations and motivations behind customer loyalty schemes?
  5. Risks and issues in the medical management of patients suffering from prostate cancer.
  6. What is the relationship between anxiety and emotion disorders and impaired social cognition?
  7. Discuss the transforming elements of counterculture in the United Kingdom.
  8. What is the economic benefit that ecotourism has on local tourism?
  9. How much would you agree that all religions arrive at the same destination?
  10. Are religion and morality the same thing? Discuss.

Here is some additional advice to ensure that you get the grade that you deserve.

  • Don’t procrastinate:
    The majority of students make the drastic mistake of waiting for the last few months until they start their dissertation and then they start panicking because there isn’t enough time to do it properly. Start the project as soon as you get it, one year might seem like a long time but it really isn’t, and before you know it the deadline has arrived and you are stuck. Start working on your project as soon as you get it.
  • See your supervisor often:
    Students grossly underestimate the power of their supervisors. The majority of students only see their supervisors once or twice whilst they are writing their dissertations and this is no way near enough. Your supervisor is there to guide you throughout the entire process, they know what the review boards are looking for. If you spend enough time with them they will ensure that your dissertation is up to standard. Another solution is to buy dissertations online to stay safe if you don't have enough time to write it by your own.