Economics Thesis Topics Ideas for Outstanding Writing

There is no shortcut to getting your economic thesis done other than conducting thorough research in a unique area. Furthermore, identifying key topics to write about is critical. Usually, economics entails a compilation of many subjects incorporated into one primary subject. Some of these subjects include politics, math, history, among others. Therefore, this clearly shows why there are unique topics you need to extract from each sub-subject. Check out & consider these economics thesis topics presented by writing professionals:

Selecting the best economic thesis topics 

  • If you need to identify the best economic topic for your topic, then the following steps are essential:
  • Ensure you have an interest in the topic you want to choose for a thesis
  • Research and get inspiration from various previous students who have also written successful theses in economics.
  • Seek advice and feedback from your thesis advisor
  • Always strive to write original content and don't focus on writing much.
  • Identify a narrow and unique topic.   
  • Check out for other related disciplines; however, some institutions will require that students focus on a single discipline.  
  • The above steps are just a possible way that will help you to identify the best topic you can write for a thesis. Considering each step carefully, you will have a great potential to land the most important economic topic that will give you a relaxing time doing your thesis.  

Economics bachelor's thesis topics

  • The effects of the oil industry in Nigeria's economic development
  • The impact of sports advertising and marketing on consumers
  • The economic opportunities and difficulties that come with investing in Kenya
  • Developing the tourist industry economically in Africa
  • Globalization and its importance to the entire business sector
  • The risks of investing in Turkey   
  • Reduction of employment scale as a significant challenge to America's economy
  • The economics associated with alcohol abuse issues
  • Sources and solutions of unemployment in Great Britain
  • Examining the global economic order with regards to the parallel perspective
  • The possible post-COVID-19 international economic order
  • The financial stability of China's banking sector
  • Russia's electronic services of payment
  • The relationship between entrepreneurial behavior and local culture behavior
  • Impact of culture on various entrepreneurial behaviors
  • Effects of natural, cultural activities on entrepreneur-related activities
  • Reasons why there is salary inequality in various areas of the U.S.    

Economics Master's Thesis Topics

  • Effects of teaching home economics using visual aids
  • The impact of income changes on America's consumer behavior
  • Drivers of social and economic differences in the U.S.  
  • The link between international development and echoic growth
  • Innovations in technology and their impact on environmental products
  • The economics involved in non-solar renewable energy
  • Effects of terrorism to the economy  
  • Implementing the Corporate Social Responsibility in Africa's oil and gas industry
  • Incentive usage in behavioral economics
  • Nuclear power plant economics
  • The impact of natural calamities on Asia's economic development
  • The opportunities and challenges sustainable communities encounter


The above topics are just a brief highlight of what you can write in economic theses. However, there are also other critical topics where you can research content and write more about them.